Government, Religion, and Science – The Axis of Evil

The Power Of The Jinn (Arabic: الجن‎‎,) al-jinn

When State, Religion, and Science merge together it has always created chaos and destruction. In medieval Europe, the combination of these three elements gave birth to “dark ages”. When Roman Empire turned into Christianity, Europe lost its glory and wealth that they inherited from the Roman and the Greek empires. A place where medicine science was invented about a thousand year ago, how come millions of people died suffering from the plague? Centuries old knowledge of Greek and Roman civilization was lost and Europe sunk into the dark ages.

It was the crusades when Europeans came in touch with the Arabs and felt the requirement of open-minded ideas and innovation. Slowly Europe started to regain its glory and strength through Industrial Revolution and innovations. Berber Moors from Northern Africa invaded Europe and set up an Islamic State in today’s Spain. This ended religious blindness in Spain and gave the glimpse of the golden days of the Roman era.

The Muslim rulers of Sultanat E Spain established Europe’s first University in Spain. Philosophers like Ibn Rushd and Ibn Sina saved Aristotle’s work from autocratic church and passed on to the new generations. Arabic textbooks of Science, Mathematics, Literature and Philosophy were translated into Latin and other languages. Spain emerged as a “Knowledge Center” of the world, where a beautiful mixture of Christian, Jews and Muslims knowledge flourished by scholars, philosopher, artists, and engineers.

Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī developed Algebra and introduced India’s decimal system contributing today’s arithmetic. Ibn Muʿādh al-Jayyānī established the law of the sines in the forgotten trigonometry.

1200 years before the Wright Brothers, an engineer named as Abbas ibn Firnas had invented glider system in aviation. Ibn Battuta traveled the world at the same time when Marco Polo traveled towards the east. The list is endless!

The Arabic society was an amazing open society with the acceptance of creative ideas. There are scholarly articles on “freedom of speech” and rights of the women. In Quran, there is an entire chapter called “Sura- E- Marium” that glorifies the Mother Mary. Islam does not support borrowing or credit as it is considered the worst sin; however, you are allowed to borrow only if you want to spend that money on your daughter’s (not son) education.

Let’s come back to 2016 and look at the Islamic world today. Extreme income disparity, not a single world class education institution, pathetic health care, religious fundamentalism, human rights violation, atrocities against women, terrorism, suicide bombers, and destructive civil wars.

Let’s look at the dirty, savage, uncivilized and poor Europeans today. Wow! Excellent education system, High Standard of living and overall good performance.

What the Arabs have invented since then? Honestly, NOTHING!

Not a single major invention. How many Noble prizes? Not a single one!

The worst is with the oil money they even became dependent on the west for the technology needs killing the “need of invention”. Why do you need to invent when you can buy it?

How the entire scenario turned upside down? The answer is in these three key elements – State, Religion, and Science. The law for better governance is – keep these three evils separated and never try to merge it.

During the era of crusades, it was a requirement for the various Arab States to promote religious extremism to fuel the need for soldiers who will fight only for the religion and will fight fiercely. Therefore, States adopted policies that promoted religious extremism to brainwash soldiers and created a society based on the religion.

What Europe did? Europe learned the lesson that State, Religion, and Science cannot go together.

The separation of all these three made official and sealed by the French Revolution. The transfer of power from Church and Political Elites to voters happened in the form of democracy. The ancient concepts of Human Rights and Secularism developed. By the way, the French claim that they are the ones who invented democracy, but it is not true. Ancient India had the democratic system called as “Ganarajya” (गणराज्य) where an elected Prime Minister was known as “Ganapati”(गणपति). Lord Krishna’s Dwarika State was a democratic state where Krishna was an elected Prime Minister, not a King.

When the “May Flower” left the shore of England; it was confirmed that Science will emerge in the New World and America will dictate the world. Europe learned the final lesson in both world wars but did not suffer much as both wars were fueled by colonies.

Now, let’s take an example of those who combined all these threes – the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This nation was created killing the Sufi sect of Islam, a subcontinent heritage over radical version of Islam. The soul of the creation was a fake and hypocritical theory – The Two Nation Theory.

It was a terrible experiment to combine religion, science and the government.

Meet Mr. Sultan Bashirudding Mehmood, Director of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Alumnus of University of Manchester and University of Engendering and Technology, Lahore.

This gentleman was a director of a government institution promoting research and development and he was a firm believer in Islam. He published an academic paper where he mentioned how could Pakistan harness the energy from the Jinns? I am not making this up at all! I am serious – In Quran, in the book of Hadith, Jinns are mentioned as an extreme energy (fire) containing element. He was a firm believer that he can harness the energy of Jinns to resolve the energy crisis of Pakistan.
He believed that through spiritual power mankind can breed with Jinns and produce superhumans that can’t get sick and can’t die.

Quaid-i-Azam University is one of the top science universities for research in Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khalid Khan, the chairman of Department of Physics used Albert Einstein’s equations of Quantum Mechanics and discovered that 1) Heaven is moving away from earth and 2) the speed of 299,792,457 m / s just a little lesser than the speed of light.
Furthermore, these professors also debate on what is the exact temperature of the hell.
How can one accept such nonsense in a state-funded academic institute? Well, you have to accept it because you build a state on the basis of religion.

Good luck with harnessing the power of Jinns! If successful, we can extend the research at world level.

Oh God! I need a break!

Thanks for reading!

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